‘Laser’ Critique


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The study on The Use of the 308-nm Excimer Laser for the Treatment of Vitiligo was carried out by Suhail, Spence, and Lebwohol, all from Department of Dermatology in Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. The main interest of the study was to find out   the effectiveness of use of 308-nm excimer laser to treat vitiligo. The study was based on public reports that showed the effectiveness of 308-nm excimer laser in treating vitiligo, which is resistant to other methods of treatment (Asawanonda, Anderson, Chany & Taylor, 2000). Therefore, the interest of these researchers was to find out if the published information was true or not and to bring out any gap in research that could guide future development of this method of treating vitiligo. The main objective of the study was to study how effective the new 308-nm excimer laser is for treatment of vitiligo. The choice of subject for research can be considered very effective considering that vitiligo is a major problem that affects 1 to 3 percent of the general population (Agarwal, 1998). This means that the solutions or the recommendations that were given from the study would be important in dealing with one of the public health issues that affects a large segment of the population. Vitiligo is associated with other autoimmune diseases like thyroid and it is also related to a number of psychological suffering.