Paper instruction and sources to be used for essay

To participate in society, we are compelled to speak, write and read. The writers Fredrick Douglass (learning to read and write), Amy Tan (mother tongue), Helen Keller share their personal stories and observations with language and literacy, while Jonathan Kozol reminds us of the “human cost of illiteracy.” In your essay, construct your own argument regarding language as well as the arguments that 3 of the above writers construct regarding the same. In addition, choose an experience you have had with language/literacy that you think could help you recognize your specific relationships with language or reading or learning. You may choose a number of things. For example learning a new language, the experience of reading a book, hearing the words of a song, and recognizing the differences in the way people speak ( which may or may not connect language and reading  to gender, race and class)

I want to use Frederick Douglass “ Learning to read and write”, Amy Tan “Mother Tongue” and Jonathan Kozol “The human cost of an illiterate Society”


To enhance coherent interactions in the society, the languages used should be familiar to every individual. Following the currently integrated world in terms of cultures as a result of globalization, language commonness has been a very important aspect facilitating interconnections among world diverse cultures. According to Kozol (23), language is one of the most crucial cultural aspects necessary for efficiency in coordinating successful integrations of the world’s diverse needs. On this basis, learning of new languages has been necessitated by the current trend of globalization. As Douglass (7) holds, the world’s literacy lies behind the success of learning new languages. Though learning new languages may be challenging, persistence and devotion in the entire process is important. This paper discusses the process and the ultimate importance of learning new languages with regard to the current trends of globalization.