Language, Perception, and Cognition


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In her article, Boroditsky (2011) retraces back the longstanding dogma of the relationship between language and thoughts.   Her central claim is that the language shapes our perception of the world. Boroditsky refutes a number of authors like Deutscher who opposes the Whorf dogma of the influence of language on our thoughts. Apparently, Lee Whorf and Edward Sapir studied how the influence of language varied and published their claim that language had power over the mind. With time, this dogma was however criticized on the basis that it lacked suitable evidential support.  Those opposed to this dogma posit that the assumption that mother tongues restricts or enhances our ability to think is wrong because language is universal. Lack of empirical support for the Whorf’s dogma was a great undoing considering that the claim was made on scientific basis.