Labor Relations – HR


Research and discuss the arguments for and against the Employee Free Choice Act. If passed, how would it impact equity, voice and efficiency? It should cite outside research sources when used including online sources.


The employee free choice act is one of the most controversial acts in the United States. This controversy can be considered as a spill-over of the historical controversies that have surrounded the power labor unions in the country. The constitution recognizes the freedom of an employee to join  or form a union. However, the unions have become too powerful and more than a half of employees in the country have found it difficult to join a union in order to bargain fairly with their employer. Although more than half of the workers in the country have shown interest in joining a union, union members continue to decline with less than 8 percent of employees in the private sector joining a union. This has been attributed to the draconian laws that regulate formation of a union. To solve the problem, the government crafted the Employee Free Choice Act as a step towards protecting the rights of workers to join a union.  This act is geared towards restoring the balance in the union election process by allowing workers to form unions through a simple majority sign up process. However, the act has been vehemently opposed by employers who feel that the union hands in too much power on the employees.