Kokaba Comfort Theory


In Part 2, you will apply a middle-range theory to the problem described in the introduction. Describe the theory, starting with a short bio of the theorist along with the major influences that the theorist has contributed.
Describe the concepts and propositions of the theory. Provide an example from the literature as to how the theory has been applied. Apply the theory to your practice problem, demonstrating the links to the elements of the problem and theory. In addition, make sure to describe how practice would change by incorporating the theory. It should be clear to reader that this is an appropriate theory for the problem.
Prepare this assignment according to APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,
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Nursing shortage affects all the sectors of healthcare because nurses are central to the provision of high quality healthcare services.   This implies at nursing shortage lowers the quality of nursing services and impedes on the real intent of nursing – to relieve patients of their pain and ensure they are comfortable and satisfied with the medical services they are receiving.  One of theories that can conceptualize nursing shortage is Kolcaba comfort theory. This theory has been selected because it explains the role of quality nursing services in ensuring patients are comfortable and satisfied with the healthcare services received, which may be absent in event of nursing shortage.