Key Responder Roles and Skill Setwill be provided with the proposal


In this portion of the project you will identify and describe the distinct roles and responsibilities for the various responders. Not every responder will necessarily be engaging one-on-one with those who have been identified as being directly affected by the crisis. Describe other roles and responsibilities responders might be asked to perform. Include an analysis of your own skill set or abilities and determine in which of these roles you would be most and least successful.

Analyzes individual roles that comprise effective interdisciplinary emergency response teams.

Identifies, describes, and examines the potential impact of crises, emergencies, and disasters on schools, organizations, and communities and recommends improvements.

Adapts and analyzes existing crisis intervention protocols and plans to meet the needs of specific settings and types of crises and emergencies.

The paper should be divided into four categories: Key Responder Roles and Skill Sets, Role Descriptions, Self Analysis, and Conclusion.


Although the schools are considered a safe haven for our children, the fact is that they are also prone to unexpected or unanticipated sudden critical incidences that may disrupt the normal school day and affect learning, teaching, attendance and behavior of the school community. Each school, therefore, should be ready to respond to emergencies, including but not limited to violent incidences, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. According to According to Spellings (2007) who is a member of U.S Department of education, one of the ways to ensure safety of schools and students is to know how to respond quickly and very efficiently during emergencies.  In addition, he argues that there is little or no time to assign duties during crisis. At that time, everybody responsible should be actively involved in taking up various roles to mitigate the crisis. The important preparation is that each responder should have clear roles that are clearly defined, and skills set.