Justice And Judgment In The Laws Of Hammurabi And Moses


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Various societies in the world have varying procedures of administering peace and harmony. These procedures must be justifiable so that the final effect called justice can bring harmony and peace. Justice is generally understood to mean what is right, fair, appropriate, deserved and it is achieved when an unjust act is redressed and the victim feels free again. Justice also means the offender is held accountable for his behavior. On the other hand, the official decision of the court at the completion of a lawsuit in favor of either the plaintiff or the defendant is what judgment is all about. Therefore let us look into deeper level how these two are achieved in regard to the two law references; the laws of Hammurabi and Moses based on the Plato’s republic, New Testament and the Koran. Although the Hammurabi and Mosaic laws were enacted in different historical periods, they were all aimed at achieving justice in the society but they differed in the way how justice and judgment were to be achieved..