Strategic Branding | Juice Branding


Assignment 1 – CREATE A BRAND
Due Date: Week 4, 22 August 2017 – in Tutorial
Assessment Value: Worth 30% of final mark for the unit
Report Length: 1000 words maximum
Consumers often don’t buy products; they buy the images associated with products or the
‘brand’ and are known to have different types of relationships with each. So how precisely
can you position a brand so that it speaks directly to its intended target audience?
Research has shown that Australians in general have fallen out of love with packaged
juices, in particular pure vegetable juices as they may offer significant health benefits to
teenagers and young adults.
Lawley Vegetable Growers need your help to position a brand new vegetable juice for this
important target market – teenagers and young adults.
Three ‘modern’ containers have been sourced that could potentially showcase this new
vegetable juice blend that has broccoli and spinach as its base ingredients.
The vegetable juice needs to be attractive to teenagers and young adults and could
potentially be coloured either orange, purple or green.
The Task
Choose ONE of the container styles (shown)
Choose a colour for the juice
Give the juice a name
Give the juice a personality
Design a logo that reflects its name and personality
Justify your decisions for the choice of container, juice colour, name, personality and logo
and explain why they will appeal to the target audience – teenagers and young adults.


Containerization is a part of branding. Liquid products are usually held on containers, which forms a part of consumers’ perception of the product.  Research evidence shows that consumers’ perception of containers is influenced by their identity, and therefore the extent to which they accept the product (Deliya&Parmar, 2012). In this study, the author found out that the shape of the container influence how they identified and perceived the product.  Considering these factors, the following shape is the most appropriate for the juice considering the target market is the youths.