Activity Journal – Monday 14 December, 2015


Weighting 30%
Format Writing activities submitted via Turtnitin on Moodle by 11.55pm

Printed Activity Journal & Grammar Guides submitted in folder during class.

Date/Week Week 10 / Monday 14 December
Submit –          Moodle assignment

–          Printed folder


The Activity Journal is a way for you to practice important grammar points and use the language that is being developed during class. You are expected to submit two parts for each week, from week 1 to week 9 as is indicated in the following table. Note: in class you will have time to discuss the writing activities and make notes. Your submissions for assessment should be typed on word document and carefully proofread before being submitted.  Note, the following text will be useful for extra information to help with Writing Activity tasks:

Wilber, R., & Miller, M. (2003) Modern Media Writing: Bemont; Wadsworth.


Week Grammar Guide Writing Activity  (approx 150 – 200 words)


1 Parts of Speech View the YouTube video ‘The Communication Process Model Captioned’.

Write about a time when a communication process that you were involved in

was affected by the cultural differences between the sender and the receiver.

2 Nouns Choose two types of writing for the media that were discussed in this week’s

class. What are the main differences between these two types of writing?

3 Verbs Write a blog article about an event or a place in Perth that would be of interest to

international students. You should also write a shorter Facebook post which is

a summary of the blog post.

4 Verbs Choose a famous person that you would like to interview for a magazine article.

Write a fictional dialogue of the interview, between yourself as the

journalist and the famous person.

5 Pronouns You need to create a short news story that follows the correct writing structure.

It should be similar to what you could find in the newspaper or online news

source. The story should have a strong headline and report on an accident or

incident in the Perth area.

6 Sentence structure Create an advertisement for a product that you own, or would like to own. You

Should follow the concepts discussed in this week’s class.

7 Punctuation Find one feature article from a magazine from 2015 and write about the structure

that the writer has used to create the story.

8 No grammar guide

this week

Find one media release from a magazine from 2015 and write about the structure

that the writer has used to create the media release.

9 No grammar guide

this week

Imagine you are the editor The Guardian Australia online

( Write about your daily job role.



Assessment criteria:

  • Folder presentation
  • Accurate completion of grammar guide answers
  • Answering the short answer question
  • Accurate writing including spelling, grammar and punctuation for short answer questions
  • Creativity
  • Logical flow of information
  • Appropriate length
  • Referencing



A couple of years ago I met this man in a community event and his name was Patel. The guy and his family had just moved in the neighborhood from India. As fate would have it we went to the same school and we became very tight friend. One day we were at a games joint in the neighborhood had lots of fun and on our way home we were having a conversation on how the game was cracking jokes on each other’s flaws. I invited the friend over for dinner at our place and was telling him that my dad was preparing a beef barbeque and he should come over as my dad is good at barbequing. Eventually, Patel’s face frowned and he fled without any feedback. He avoided me for some time and, after we met, I asked him about the issue and he told me that their culture does not associate with people who take beef as it is sacred in their culture (Jandt, 2015).