I don’t really know how to tell you my identity but you can make it simple.
I’m from saudi arabia, i’m muslim but not like strict muslim. I go with everything, like knowing new things. Ask me any questions and I’ll reply fast

As much as possible, journal entries should incorporate concepts from readings, lectures, discussions, and your own ideas. Please use professional writing.


Journal #2:

As a helper, it is important to be aware of your own identity and values that you may be bringing with you. In this journal entry, please discuss your personal identity and values. Share as much as you feel comfortable (i.e., feel free to omit discussing any parts of your identity that you do not want to share with Sarah or Ashley). Some questions to consider:

1. How do you identify culturally, racially, and/or ethnically? Gender? Religion? 2. Other important aspects of your identity?
3. What are some values you learned growing up?
4. How do you define/describe a successful adult?
5. In what ways have your various identities [gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, social class, religion etc.] impacted your life options and experiences?
6. What might it be like for you to work with a client of a different [gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, social class, religion etc.]?


Culturally, racially and ethnically, I am an Arab Muslim from Saudi Arabia.  I grew up indoctrinated to an Arab and Muslim way of life, but along the way, I have discovered my preferences in life, which may be different my cultural inclination. There are important values that I learned as I grew up. I learned basic human values like respect and love for others, caring for and respecting myself, adhering to the fundamental beliefs of Islam, and many others.  I define a successful adult as a person who has experienced holistic growth. Besides, a successful adult is one who understands his or her place in the society, personal duties, and responsibilities, and most important, one who can live in harmony with others.  There are different ways in which my identities have an impact on my life options and experiences. For example, my cultural and religious identities have helped me to integrate well with others in the society and make choices that are right for me and others as well. It has taken away the individualism that I see in most people today. I do not ascribe to any social class, but I am very inquisitive and always looking to know new things. My entire life experience is shaped in a greater way by different identities.  Although I accept and appreciate diversity, I know the difficulties that I can face when working with a client with a different cultural identity.