Jobs in America


Think of an issue that is important to you and which is currently being debated nationally and covered by the media.Newspaper Source to prepare a background analysis of the issue. This is to be turned in with the assignment. You’ll need 5 or more comprehensive, full-length news articles from at least 3 mainstream newspaper or news magazine publications. Do not use trade papers, or other specialized publications, and do not use opinion or commentary pieces. Your articles should discuss the substance of the issue, provide the most recent information available, and should consider various viewpoints. Your background analysis is to include identification of the people or groups involved in the debate, description of conflicting viewpoints those people represent, including economic interests or ideological positions, and the various policy outcomes that are desired by the different participants in the debate. Students may use either APA format or MLA format, but academic standards require that all sources used must be cited.
Identify the most appropriate national elected or appointed official, or candidate for federal office, who can assist in affecting change. Find the address, or email address, of the official you’ve written to: your Congressional Representative can be located through the House of Representatives Homepage; your Senator can be found at the Senate Homepage; and contact information for federal agency officials can be found at the A-Z Agency Index and should be included at the bottom of the paper.Using formal correspondence style, prepare a letter informing the official of your concern and offering a solution or making a request for action. CAUTION: Yours may be an emotional issue, but your argument must be based on reason, not just emotion. Support your position, and refute opposing positions, with factual information and well-reasoned arguments.
there is a 3 page min. 2 page background analysis with referance page and 1 page letter.


Nothing has got the media and public attention in America like the skyrocketing unemployment that has characterized the economy in the recent times.  In March alone, 663,000 Americans lost their jobs pushing unemployment rate to a high of 8.5%   in a report realized to the public by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The threat of a deteriorating American economy became a very contentious issue in the run up to the last year’s general elections. Four months down the line, it’s yet to be concretely with (Hindery, 2009)