Job Sharing


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In the recent past, there have been major changes in life that have affected the workplace. Life has become very hectic and striking a balance between work and life is a challenge to most people. The dynamism of family life and work has strained most families leading to family breakdowns.  Generally, there have been major changes in life that has left people with little time to divide between what they are required to do.  Family, education, rest, leisure and others are constraint factors to work time. Unlike in the past when women were left at home to take care of the children, both men and women are working nowadays, which means there is no one left at home to look after children. In addition, the increased need for competence in the workplace has forced most people to go back to class in search of higher qualification. In addition, the increased cost of life has made if impossible for people to make the ends meet in one job and most people are forced to take up more than one job. Overall, people are left with little time to concentrate on their life and exhaustion affects their productivity. As a result, human resource managers have come up with flexible working arrangements that allow people to strike a balance between work and other life demands. One of such creative initiatives is job sharing. This study will explore the recent literature about job sharing.