Job Involvement and Satisfaction


Motivation and productivity seem to have a pretty strong relationship. The arguments can go back and forth and whether productivity contributes to motivation or does motivation contribute to productivity? Read the assigned article this week (Mohr and Zoghi, 2008). What strategic initiatives can your current organization take to improve employee involvement? How would you measure success of such an initiative?

Note : my organization is training .


Employee satisfaction is the basis for improved organizational productivity.  Research evidence has shown that organizations that have highly motivated employees cut a competitive edge that cannot be replicated by competing organizations. There are different methods that can be used to motivate employees. High involvement is one of the factors that can be corrected with increased job satisfaction among employees. Employees who are more involved in the day to day running of an organization feel more motivated compared to organizations that are not involved.

As a training organization, there are different ways in which my organization can use to enhance employee movement.  Research has shown that suggestion programs, information sharing, quality circles, and task teams are some of the ways that have been shown a consistent positive relationship to employee engagement and increased satisfaction.  Through suggestion programs, employees will feel that they are more involved in the decision making process of the organizations and that their suggestion are being implemented.  Through information sharing, employees feel that they are valued by the organization because they are informed of the important decisions that are made in the organization by being given information.  Quality circles and task teams bring the employees and management to work together to achieve set targets creating cohesiveness and togetherness in running of the organization. These are just a few ways that can be used by my organization to get employees involved.