Java project – Dictionary


Use a bag as the dictionary. Build the dictionary from the file “dictionary.txt”. Assume the maximum size of the dictionary is 100. The first line of the file will list the actual number of words in the dictionary file.

-Check the file “words.txt” to determine if the words (at least one letter, could have a hyphen or apostrophe and delimited by punctuation or space are in the dictionary (ignore case and the following words [a, an, the, I, and]).

-If the word is not in the dictionary ask the user whether or not they would like to add the word to the dictionary. Do not add any proper names or misspelled words. Read the file until end of file. Ouput all the words that are spelled incorrectly i.e. not in the new dictionary. Output the new dictionary.

-Download the two data files (.txt) and the Java coding to read the two files


Redo the Previous Project (Spell Checker) as a doubly linked list. All additions to the dictionary are to be at the end of the list. Might consider adding a last Node rather than sequentially looking for the node whose next is null.

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