Written Response to Discussion Question
Students individually have to prepare and submit a written report. The written essay for this
assessment must be fully cited and discuss the relevance of their scholarly sources and
referenced (minimum of twelve (12) references) and the expected length is approximately
1,500 words (12-point font with 1.5-line spacing).
The Chicago 16th referencing system should be used in preparing your written responses,
and a reference list should be supplied.
Submission of all Written Assignments through Turnitin only.

Question of Written Report
Question: Describe the aspects of ownership, networking, and management in the Japanese
business system.


Japan is one of the most industrialized countries in the world with various Japanese companies having presence all over the world (Clark, 2013). The success of Japanese companies in the world can be attributed to the unique business system that they use. Due to its success, Japanese business system has been a topic of research and study by many experts in western countries in efforts to understand the ownership, networking and management aspects of Japanese companies. In this regard, this study aims at describing the aspects of ownership, networking and management as found in Japanese business system.