Jackson v. Metropolitan Edison Co


the attached is the case study and the first draft of the presentation that can help the writer to understand what I want to cover in the papers.
the first 2 pages are to cover the questions for the whole case and the third page that I
need it as a points to use it for the presentation and you have to think and write as the plaintiff.
the following are the questions that the writer needs to cover;
1- Facts of the case,
2- Outcome of the case,
3- Legal principle involved,
4- Application to today.


Jackson v. Metropolitan Edison Co was one of the cases that involved interpretation of the law as far as state involvement in public utilities is concerned. In this case, the petitioner was Ms Jackson who had sued Metropolitan Edison Co. (defendant) for discontinued provision of electricity supply. On the other hand, the defendant, Metropolitan Edison Co. had discontinued supply of electricity services to Ms Jackson on ground that there was continued failure to settle bills in time and the meter had been tampered with.