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MNG03217: ASSESSMENT 2 – GROUP ESSAY (50%)                                  

DUE DATE: Week 9, Friday, September 09 at 11:00 pm AEST.

WORD COUNT: 3000 words (group essay) + 250 words (individual feedback)


SUBMISSION: Attach Assignment Cover Sheet to document and have one (1) group member onlysubmit via TURNITIN link.


TASK:Select three (3) leaders to examine (two from the textbook and the third may be from the textbook or another leader of your choosing). As a group, research and analyse the leadership styles of your selected leaders with reference to the leadership concepts covered in the unit (ethics, evolution of leadership, psychology of leadership, multi-cultural leadership, leadership theories). Compare and contrast the selected leaders and present an argument for which of the leaders presents the most effective leadership style for the contemporary globalised economy.


Include individual feedback (250 words per team member) in an appendix to the essay in which each team member comments on the group-work process.



MNG03217: Assessment 2 – Group Essay (50%)                                     STUDENT COPY


MNG03217: Assessment 2 – Group Essay (50%)
Marking Criterion NS P C D HD
Comprehension: (15)

  • Demonstrates understanding of assessment task.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of:
    • leadership ethics
    • evolution of leadership
    • multicultural leadership
    • leadership theories
    • psychology of leadership


Analysis: (20)

  • Identifies, explains and assesses communication and leadership styles of selected individuals.
  • Analyses, discusses and assesses selected leaders in terms of:
    • leadership ethics
    • evolution of leadership
    • multicultural leadership
    • leadership theories
    • psychology of leadership
  • Demonstrates clear and coherent argument for effectiveness of selected leaders.


Presentation: (8)

  • Demonstrates clear and coherent writing style.
  • Demonstrates detailed attention to essay structure, expression, spelling, punctuation and grammar using 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1.5 spacing between lines
  • Provides minimum three (3) references per leader.
  • Provides correct in-text referencing and List of References in Harvard style.


Group-work Feedback: (7)

  • Provides clear and considered feedback.
  • Demonstrates self-awareness.
  • Reflects on role of teams and teamwork in understanding and accomplishing task.
Marker Name:






Jack Ma whose family name is Ma Yun is a Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded and executively chairs the board of Alibaba Group, a range of well performing and pioneer online-based businesses (Ciulla 2013, p.143). The contemporary business world has become so fluid and for a business leader to succeed it requires high standards of ethics, knowledge and leadership skills (King, Johnson, and Van Vugt 2009, p.R914). Jack Ma has demonstrated exemplary business leadership over the years setting him apart from many others as discussed in this section. Jack Ma’s communication style is one that is simple and uses non-technical terms to describe his business vision. Mr. Ma’s communication style use analogy, metaphors, and brief allegory to pass across information (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee 2013, p.81). He ascribes to the democratic style of leadership which is rooted on building consensus through participation of team members.