ITNE455 Advanced Network Administration Individual Project Unit 4

ITNE 455 Advanced Network Administration

Tools and Controls for Security

Unit 4 Individual Project

Received an “A” on this project (125 points out of possible 125) ***Instructors Notes included when score is below 100%.

GPA for this Bachelors Degree thus far is 3.94 out of 4.00.
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In reviewing the technical controls with the IT management staff, cryptology was often mentioned as the primary tool used to protect intellectual property of the organization. Intellectual property is a soft target for would-be criminals and hackers, the theft or loss of which would undermine years of pioneering research and investment. You thought an update on encryption would do you good, so you spent the afternoon reading about the subject.

In your paper, include the following:

What is cryptology?

What is encryption as it relates to electronic information systems?

Compare and contrast symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.

Find one open-source and one commercial encryption tool, and compare and contrast their features.


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