IT and Business Abstracts


IT and Business Abstracts Resources You will need the following resources for this activity: search engines as needed (e.g. Google Scholar) Introduction One of the most effective ways to become (and remain) literate with regard to MIS and IT terminology and issues is by reading, reading, and more reading of current articles. For this assignment, locate FIVE technologically sound, academically rigorous, interesting articles. Once you have selected the articles, abstract them according to APA conventions. This requires discretion, a sound understanding of the article and course concepts and, good word-smithing skills. Continue reading the Activity Instructions for more details on constructing a quality abstract. Activity Instructions An abstract summarizes in 100 words or less the thesis and any evidence presented in the article. An abstract is not your opinion of the article, the author or the writing style. Do not choose an article that is a public relations or promotional piece. Demonstrate your ability to be a sound consumer of information by selecting and discussing five articles from your choice of relevant IT or Business online periodicals. These articles should be available online, free of charge, so that your instructor will be able to review the full-text article. Writing Requirements (APA format) For each of the five articles selected, you should use the following criteria to create your final submission: A Title An abstract of 100 or less words (not including the title or the reference.) A complete citation in APA format 1-inch margins Single spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Grading Based on: 1. Define and apply concepts in information systems to ethical and social issues in organizations and society. 2. Analyze information technology infrastructure and current trends in information technology and information systems. 3. Evaluate the use of information systems to improve business processes, decision-making, and knowledge distribution. 4. Evaluate the broad impact of Information and Communication Technologies on individuals, organizations and society and anticipate the implications for their responsible use and development.

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This paper explores five articles which were published in relation to information technology and business. The research was conducted from different online sources, however, the articles vary in their definitions and topics.

Information systems ethics in organizations and societies

According to Pearson at al, (2016), Ethics of Information Technology in business can be viewed as an examination of several ethical questions arising from the application of IT in the business and society at large. The value of incorporating information systems with business is to promote accuracy, overload and easy information sharing (Pearlson at al, 2016). However, due to the fact that it is almost impossible to regulate the use of these systems in a society or business system, users are always encouraged to adhere to the ordained professional codes that an organization or the society envisages for. Moreover, businesses should take consideration of how the application of certain technologies can impact on an individual, and apply the absolute constraint to the information.