Investigative essay


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The aim of every marketing activity is to develop a personal relationship between the brand and the customer. In the recent past, marketers have changed their tactics so as to help the consumers to develop personal like relationships with their products and brands. This is in efforts to maintain a steady sales volume even in hard economic times. Relationship principles have changed the short-term orientation in marketing with companies striving to help the consumers to develop personal attachment with their brands. Consumer brand relationship is an aspect that has generated much interest from various companies as they seek to understand how consumers form relationships with their brands leading to some brands end up being loved more than others. In the same way organizations are interested in knowing how consumers relate with their products and brands, consumers are also interested in knowing how the form person like relationships with brands, where they come to know a product, fall in love with them and at a particular time part ways with the product. This essay investigates this phenomenon looking at various theories and journal articles that try to expound on this phenomenon.