Integration of Internal and External Systems

Document the systems that the Inventory Management System will interface with, both internal and

external to the company. How will you test with these systems? What will your system do if the other

systems are not available?

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Inventory management is a major factor that determines the success or failure of a business in today’s business world. It is essential for a business to have an efficient and full operational inventory system in order to reduce the rates of turnover as well as one that increases the productivity of an organization. The aim of an inventory management system is to maintain an optimum amount of inventory that is required to keep the company running. Today, inventory management systems are not only helpful to the internal mechanisms of a company but also to the external systems as well. Inventory system ensures that customers have enough of what they require as well as assisting an organization to maintain the right inventory at all time. An efficient inventory management system should have the capability to track the sales, tell a store manager when to reorder and the quantity to reorder, communicate with suppliers when necessary, and show the level of demand for a particular product.