introduction to hospitality and tourism| individual report


introduction to hospitality and tourism, individual report, 1450, apa, more than 7 reference. deliver before 19th.
i remind writer to check the marking guide before he start.
Assignment instructions
The report should be divided in the following sections (Note: Headings for the above sections, that is, Introduction, Literature Review, Discussion, and Conclusion are required and must be clearly shown in the document):
Introduction (between 100-150 words), clearly presenting the theme (interpretation of material considered: journal articles, text books, industry reports, and not simply paraphrasing articles, text books, etc.).
Literature review, documenting some of the impacts of either tourism, hospitality, or both according to the existing literature. Word count: between 800-900 words.
A minimum of 10 journal article references are to be used within the text (not at the end of the page, or at the end of paragraph). At least half of the references provided must be relevant research (e.g., journal articles) from the last seven (7) years. The text book should be one of the chosen references; in addition, students could/should choose references from the list provided in the ‘Other significant references and resources’ section. For a sample of proper referencing within the text, please see Appendix 3 at the end of this document.
Discussion: Students’ reflection and interpretation of the literature: between 300-400 words.
Conclusion: The highlights of the assignment should be summarised here; not to repeat content from any other part of the document. Word length: approximately 100-150 words.