introduction of PR | Public Relations Case Study


Assessment two – Public Relations Campaign Case Study


Due Date        :           Week 7 17:00 Friday 9 September

Length            :           500 – 750 words

Weight            :           15%

Presentation  :           12 font, 1.5/double line spacing, page numbering and headings

Submission   :           Include a Griffith University assignment cover sheet and submit via Turnitin.
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Referencing   :

  • Three references, two peer-reviewed. In-text referencing required
  • Use Griffith University School of Humanities Referencing Guide
  • Harvard Referencing Style (author, date, page number)


This is an individual assignment.

The Public Relations (PR) campaign case study requires students to select a PR campaign and analyse it. This involves practical application of key areas of PR, and using analytical skills to develop an argument about the efficacy of the PR case. When discussing the case study students should draw on the textbook and at least one other academic source.  Provide the campaign website/link in the introduction.

Ensure your case study topic is approved by your tutor to avoid heading into areas such as marketing and advertising. The case study can be current or recent, but must be based in Australia.

The aim of this assignment is for students to become familiar with PR campaigns in the ‘real world’. This will be useful for your group assignment.

Use the marking criteria as a guide to ensure all sections are included.  Include a Griffith University Assessment Cover Sheet.

This assessment is a report.  Use the following heads

Target public/s
Key message/s
Reference list


Lattimore et al. (2008, pg. 111) explains that a key purpose to setting goals in public relations is to ensure an organisation’s survival and growth. A successful example of this can be seen with the Mineral Council of Australia (MCA) and its 2011 public relations campaign ‘This is our story’. The campaign’s goal was to increase positive public opinion on mining in Australia, and persuade those with negative opinion that mining was a beneficial part of Australian society, culture and life. This was achieved through the personal image and story of every day Australian’s who worked within the mining industry being positively presented.