The interview consists of an in-depth meeting with an addictions treatment specialist of your choice. This has to be a person working in the field of addictions treatment. The recommended questions. You may ask other questions that are not listed if you feel necessary in order for you to develop your paper that will reflect your own individual style .Here are some guideline questions for the interview.

How long have you been working in addictions counseling? what age group do you primarily work with? What is your model of practice and what are your core philosophies for practice and treatment? What led you to do this work? What about this work is most rewarding? What are some of the biggest challenges you face? Is there a story you can share about one of your success stories? Is there a story you can share about one of your most frustrating moments? What key ethical considerations surface most in addictions counseling?

Generally, these are guidelines. You want to have a conversation with your interviewee and let them tell you about what they do and how and why. Certainly ask any questions that have surfaced for you during your readings about addictions.
So, it can be counselor for addiction drug or alchool.


Addiction treatment mainly involves employing different methods to help patients who are suffering from different types of addiction. Addiction treatment uses scientifically proven methods to overcome addiction.  In order to get an in-depth understanding of addiction treatment, this study interviewed Dr. John, an addiction treatment who has specialized in substance abuse treatment.