Internet Marketing


Assessment Brief
Program Bachelor of Business
Subject Digital Marketing
Subject code MKT302A/MKG203
Name of assessment Reading Commentary Blogs Activity
Length 1200 words (+/- 10%)

Learning outcomes addressed
by this assessment:

a) Describe how e-marketing has created new business
models that add customer value, build customer
relationships and increase profit
b) Demonstrate an understanding of consumer behaviour
in online environments
c) Discuss e-marketing strategy and demonstrate skills in
e-marketing planning
d) Discuss the digital marketing mix and management

Submission Date: 11:55pm Sunday of Week 5
Assessment brief Summary: See below
Total marks 50
Weighting 25%

Assessment Brief:
In this assessment students are required to read from a range of digital marketing blogs,
videos, articles or industry reports and create and write an online blog of their own reflections
on current digital marketing practice.
To get insight into blog writing students can read a number of digital marketing blog posts.
Here are three examples of blogs as a starting point: Smart Insights , Mashable: , Digital
Ministry: (NB: You can also research digital marketing
blog (s) in an industry that you may be interested in.)
Students are required to create a professional online blog of their own (using blog software of
their choice e.g., Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger) reflecting on current issues and practises in
digital marketing similar to those presented in the blogs they have read. Students are to set up
one (1) online blog and submit three (3) posts to it.
The online blog URL needs to be pasted into a word document, along with the three posts
and the references used and uploaded as a submission to the portal. Please note that while the
online blog is what will be assessed you still need to upload this word document with
references as a university copy.

For the blog posts, students are encouraged to use hyperlinks when referencing online sources
as well as in-text referencing of other sources. There should also be acknowledgment of the
source of any images or figures /tables used in the blog.
You can use a creative blog writing style congruent with the professional blogs you are
reading online. This is not an academic paper as such, but you do need to validate your
insights with support from other references or sources.


The social media is arguably the king of internet marketing. There are many reasons why as it stands today, the social media will continue playing a critical role in internet marketing for a number of years to come. First, the social media is easy to use. One of the reasons why the social media continues to define the rules of thumb in online communication is because it is easy to use and everyone can use it without requiring any technical assistance. Unlike other means of communication that may be left for the technology geeks and the young savvy generation, the social media is appealing to all users because it is easy to use. Second, the social media has a high penetration rate, thanks to the high penetration rate of smartphones. According to The Statistics Portal (2017),the percentage of smartphone penetration, between 2014 and 20120, stands at 30% in 2017. This penetration is expected to reach 37% by 2020. In the United States alone, 86% of the Americans are internet users and most of them are on the social media. This implies that towards the future, the number of smartphone users will continue to grow.