International Strategy | News Critique


News Critique marking criteria

Your mark for this assessment item will be based on both your oral presentation and the written report. The key marking criteria:


  • Your ability to use the concepts and tools of strategic analysis in a competent fashion (e.g. illustrateselected concepts of the assigned topic by applying it to the real world setting);
  • Your ability to identify, access and appropriately report a business news media report;
  • Evidence of thorough knowledge of the news item being reported;
  • Evidence of preparation, professionalism, and presentation skills;
  • The quality and adequacy of supporting materials (e.g. visual aids etc.)
  • You can have a poster or up to two power point slides to illustrate your news. This visual aid can beused to display relevant illustrations such as a company’s logo, statistics, maps, photograph of a product etc.


counts for 15% of your overall mark and requires you to link theoretical concepts of the unit tocurrent events publicized in the business news media. Throughout the semester, each student will present a brief oral presentation demonstrating how strategic management concepts and theories are applied in a real business context. Students will be assigned one of the weekly topics in weeks 1 and 2. You will then find a current news item (released in the business media within a two weeks window prior to your presentation date)