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the whole group project requirement:

. Group Project: Feasibility Study [25% of the total mark] Students are encouraged to demonstrate their research, analytical and problem-solving skills. This involves collecting and synthesising data so as to prepare a feasibility study for a company which assesses the company’s proposed entry into one new overseas country. The nominated company will be outlined in the Week 1 lecture. The study should cover: 1. An executive summary outlining the key points from all sections in the study. 2. A brief background description of the company. 3. The existing corporate vision, mission statement and corporate goals of the company. This section may be presented in point form. 4. An environmental analysis of the industry that examines the political, economic, cultural, technological, environmental and legal environments governing the country and a competitive audit. 5. A SWOT analysis and implications from the SWOT analysis. 6. The recommended marketing objectives of the company. This section may be presented in point form. 7. A recommended segmentation profile of the company’s target markets and customers according to geographics, demographics, psychographics and benefits (indicate breakdown by % where possible). 8. A recommended marketing mix strategy including the product, price, place/distribution and promotion strategies that may be utilised by the company. 9. Implementation and evaluation charts of the recommendations outlined in point eight (8) over the next twelve (12) months. 10. Group exercise worksheets (refer to the program calendar in the unit outline), references, appendices, peer group assessment forms and the group assessment form (refer to Blackboard). To assist students in preparing and submitting the feasibility study, students must work on group exercises at the weekly tutorial and receive feedback from the unit’s tutor. Students should note that the result of the feasibility study does not need to be positive. If the findings suggest that it is not feasible for the company to proceed, then justifications and recommendations to the company are

the following important message from client, writer has read:

Requirement 1. This is a business proposal. There are 6 different sections, and I have clearly stated everything that have to change or added in the file. 2. The report is about the W RETREAT KOH SAMUI expanding its business to China. Its basically saying how the resort attracts the china customer to its hotel.

The thing that needs to be made clearer is the link between each section. Also, since your strategies need to be developed based off the research you conduct in the PESTEL/SWOT analysis, your objectives and how you evaluate need to be tied in as well. The objectives are what you want to achieve (which will be achieved through your strategies) and your evaluation will assess whether you have achieved these objectives (establishing whether you were successful at your marketing plan) so please make sure this all flows and connects and doesn’t seem disconnected.


Thailand and China are both the members of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement. This organization began functioning on 01 January 2010, the goal being to promote trade relations between the ten ASEAN countries and the Peoples Republic of China. The agreement encourages business between countries in the region, especially the limitation of the legal barriers to cross-border trade. Interestingly, tourism is one of the areas that have been given consideration in the ASEAN-China FTA provisions, and this will help add to the number of guests that visit W Retreat Koh Samui. Besides regional integration, the Chinese government has worked hard to ensure that the political environment is stable, a factor that contributes positively to the business environment in the country and may favor W Retreat Koh Samui’s entry and business operations in the Chinese hospitality industry.