International Marketing Project | MADRID TOURISM REPORT


Integrated communication mix. This section:
5.1. Define and explain an “integrated communication mix” (theory). Create a separate
appendix item to define and explain an “integrated communication mix”. Link the
appendix item back to this section of the report.
5.2. Use the A.I.D.A principle (Create a separate appendix item to define and explain the
A.I.D.A Principle. Link the appendix item back to this section of the report) to Identify
your DMO’s current website’s strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate (judge and

Semester 2, 2016

compare) strengths and weaknesses of your DMO’s website with those of your
6.0 New communication item.
6.1. One method of communication a DMO uses frequently is an exhibit at a trade or
consumer exhibition. Using the marketing principles of AIDA, your team will need to
construct a diorama (model) of what your exhibition stand will look like. This will be an
actual model in a medium sized cardboard box.
6.2. Discuss how the diorama your team created uses the positive points of design theory.
Make sure the diorama focuses on communicating:
1) the AIDA principle,
2) the specific attraction to the new target market and
3) the competitive advantage of the new/modified experience. Include a
photo of the diorama as an appendix item


Over the years, the business environment has been experiencing major shifts and developments. The increased technological advancements and innovations have turned the world into a global village making it easy to do business and carry out business transactions. The tourism sector has not been left behind in these developments which have helped to open up new international destinations (Bergen & Peteraf, 2012). Madrid City in Spain has in particular become a popular destination by businesses and tourists alike.

The importance of business organizations to develop new international markets cannot be emphasized as it offers a range of business opportunity for organizations seeking to sell or source their products and services globally. Venturing into an international market helps a business to increase sales and thus profitability (Cadogan, 2012). As such, when a company explores and ventures into the international market it, it widens the customer base which if good analysis is done before entry, good returns in form of profits are guaranteed.