International Marketing | Economic and financial environment


International Marketing
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1. Economic and financial environment

Each referenced news article used for the three (3) reports should be no more than four months old and may be sourced from either print or online news publications. Please use Chicago Author-Date 16th edition Referencing Style.

Please refer to Example Report of Current Issues Culture, Example Report of Current Issues Politics, and Example Report of Current Issues Product, in assisting you in writing these three reports.
Also, please have a look at the Marking Rubric/Marking Guide for further details about the three news article report.



The exchange rate is the rate at which the local currency is exchanged for a foreign currency like the U.S dollar (Pascale 1990, 105).  For business that imports raw materials, when the US dollar weakens the Australian dollar strengthens, which means they are require to pay less of the local currency for an equal amount of a dollar.