International Marketing


Section A (Compulsory – Must Answer All Four Parts Of This Question)
Question 1
These questions pertain to the case study entitled, “Sharing Economy” by Robert
Bevan published in Luxury Magazine (Winter 2016, pages 24-26), in the hand out on
pages 3-5 that accompanies this examination paper.
Please answer all of the following questions in relation to the case study:
a) The concept of urban design has been introduced and adopted by many
developed countries. Using the PESTEL framework, explore what are the
factors which have influenced the need for urban design. Discuss these
factors from the perspectives of urban cities in Europe, UK, Australia or
Singapore. (No more than 300 words). (5 Marks)
b) Can “place-making” (Page 25) with artificial urban beaches, ski slopes, sky
parks and pop-up pavilions create positive destination images for urban
cities? Why would domestic and international visitors choose to have these
simulated urban experiences? (No more than 300 words). (5 Marks)
c) Identify the consequences of failed urban design in the communities of
developed countries. What are the lessons that developing countries can
learn from these failed attempts? (No more than 300 words). (5 Marks)
d) What urban designs do you think will be trending in the next two years? Are
developed countries in a position to sustainably address these emerging
trends? (No more than 300 words). (5 Marks)


PESTEL is the kind of analysis which includes political, economic, social, technological, environmental, as well as legal.  With regards to the political component, the city is the center of the political, hence the urban design is relatively significant for a city.  Good urban design can increase the international status of a country.  For instance, Singapore has the good urban design, so people called Singapore “Garden city”.  People have good impressions of Singapore since the urban design enables this city to remain clean and uncrowded people who live in Singapore can feel relaxed even Singapore is a small country when compared with other countries, plenty of plants shelter the city, countless trees can be discovered on the top of buildings thus it means that the environmental of a city is connected to the urban design.  In addition, urban design can resolve certain economic problems, because they require to commence heaps of projects to transform the city, that means the government will create loads of job opportunities for people.