international Marketing


Topic: F45(Australia gym ) entry to Japan market.
> Target company : F45
>  4.1 Set specific goals (targets) for the project. This is an important part of any marketing plan because it forces you to think about what a ‘good’, ‘acceptable’ or ‘bad’ result may look like. So if we are planning to set up a new business operation in say, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, what goals (targets) should we build into our marketing plan? It’s usual to break these goals (targets) into at least 4 categories:-
> – finance (profit, say by Y3 – $12.3m) and quality of profit (say ROA by Y3 – 18.3%)
> – marketing (say by Y3, number of customers, market share, gross margin)
> – operations (say by Y3 – cost to income ratio (expressed as a percentage – this is a measure of
> efficiency and productivity)
> – key personnel (identify the senior management structure that should be running the project and
> identification of any key personnel that need to be recruited, trained etc.)
> 6.0 Financial Analysis
> 6.1 P/L to be for 3 years – with separate data for Y’s 1, 2 and 3.
> 6.2 Major headings within the P/L will be:-
> – Revenue
> – Fixed Costs (major categories only)
> – Variable Costs (major categories only)
> – All other costs (balancing item)
> – Total costs
> – Resultant P/L
> Explanatory Notes:
> 1. Explain Y1 revenue calculation
> 2. Explain Y1 to Y2 and Y2 to Y3 revenue escalation
> 3. Explain any major changes to FC’s Y1 through to Y3
> 4. Explain and major changes to VC’s Y1 through to Y3
> 5. Comment briefly on the resultant profitability over the 3 year period


The Introduction sets the scene for the whole plan. It introduces the firm, establishes the background to the international business venture to be undertaken, outlines the driving forces and opportunities justifying the venture, and the direction that will be taken.