Instructions: Briefly discuss the impact of external societal factors on a juvenile’s decision to participate in delinquency. As part of your response identify at least three (3) different external societal factors that can influence a juvenile when decide


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Children who get exposed to delinquency behaviors during their developmental process are more likely to commit offenses than those who were not exposed to any form of delinquency. Children can be exposed to forms of abuses in different ways such as conflicts in their families, rape cases and other offenses such as growing in the society full of criminal acts. These juveniles tend to engage in criminal conducts during their adolescence which they grow holding the perception that offenses are socially accepted activities. Also, juveniles are perceived to have no responsibility for any criminal activities they engage in and that they are not an ability of choice on what is good or bad. Children tend to make immature decisions because they are in the developmental process where their knowledge capacity is lower than that of an adult and that they have limited judgment capability.