Innovative Design | The Role of Design in Environmental Protection


Final version of dissertation (60% of the individual student’s mark for the
Each student is required to write a final dissertation, which should be submitted
online to the module LEARN page using the TurnItIn facility. It will include (adapted
versions of) the first two components as non-assessed sections within it.
The dissertation must be clearly organised around a recognisable “thesis” or
argument, represented by its title, and should demonstrate familiarity with the main
academic literature relating to the topic of research, clear awareness of the practical
issues concerned as well as analytical and descriptive skills. In a postgraduate
dissertation, a student is expected to do more than simply present a body of factual
information or a summary of what is known in the existing literature. This should be
supported, where possible and relevant, by key academic literature and research. A
way of understanding of the research subject should be presented, which should be
linked to the issues and debates in the current literature to which the student has


been exposed to, through the studied modules and independent research
conducted. The degree to which a student succeeds at this is reflected in the final
grade for the dissertation. The qualities expected of graduate students are most
easily seen in the criteria used by examiners to assess the dissertation (see Section
9, and Appendices 1 and 2 for “marking criteria and descriptors for dissertation”).
8) Staff and Supervision
The module leader is Dr Safak Dogan, who is assisted by a group of academics,
and by employer engagement and student support managers.
Each student will have an academic supervisor from a related discipline to the
dissertation, with whom they will meet on at least a monthly basis and who will be
responsible for the supervision of the student projects. In case a student has opted
for a project or an internship type of dissertation, they will have a personal contact in
the organisation, who will be the project supervisor. The academic supervisor is
responsible for marking the dissertation; they can take advice from the project
supervisor (see Section 9 for marking).


This chapter introduces the whole concept of this dissertation. It looks into the background of the study and defines the research problem within the framework of the research. This chapter also states the aim and objectives of the study, the research questions and the importance of the study.