innovation report | Innovative use of social media in journalism



• Covering the USA presidential election
• Disaster events – terrorism (this could be underdeveloped country or here in Australia)
• Political reporting in Queensland
• Verifying information from whistle-blowers
Besides, i got a question of ” write a report that consider these elements against a specific scenario for the journalism or PR field. “
Why it is against ? I don’t know.  U need to consider.  
3.  I cannot find much of the theories. And the
Principles show an understanding of innovation in social media use for journalism


In the recent past, the world has seen exponential growth and development of social media buoyed by the development of internet. According to Knight and Cook (2013) almost half of the world’s population is using one or more social media platforms. Due to the high number of social media users, almost all businesses and professionals are running to social media for different gains. Companies and marketers are turning to social media to market their products and services. Almost all professions are using or recommending the use of social media to organizations and individuals for different aspects. Journalism is one of the professions that has greatly benefitted from the advent and growth of social media. This paper explores how social media can innovatively be used in journalism. The paper will explore how social media can successfully be used to report on disaster events like hurricane Irene in US.