Innovation, Policy, And Country’s Competitiveness


the writer will write from a holistic perspective, documenting the key theories underpinning the various seminars, how such theories facilitate practice and the significance of actionable skills development for management / business professionals. The focus here is to contemplate the dynamic practice-theory interaction and engagement observed throughout the seminar series, and whether these observations altered your personal/ professional perspective as to how a business operates in ‘real life’.

This paper is required:
Practice/theory interaction

• Insights on the seminar series
• Key theories underpinning chosen seminars
• Actionable skill development for MBS graduates/business professionals.
• Observations as to how business operates in ‘real life’ (practice/ theory divide)

– 2,000 words (10% +/-­), 1.5 line spacing,12 font



the writer must listen to some of seminars series recording (links for recording files are below)
and then writ a reflective paper.




The assignment files:


Each link will give a compressed file, which is a folder.
you will find in each folder a recording of a seminar and its slide.

you will find all details for this assignment in the tutorial and guideline folder. there is also a tutorial recording as well in this folder.


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– the seminars files links:


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There is a marked difference between early human civilization and modern societies. This difference has been marked by advance in different areas of life. Unlike in the past when people lived in jungles and forests, today people live in the comfort of their homes. They no longer eat raw foods obtained through hunting and gathering but modern dietary practices include cuisines prepared through sophisticated recipes. People no longer use horses and carriages but they fly in airplanes and use high speed cars. All these have been enabled by a cultivated culture of innovation through research and development. According to Steil, Victor & Nelson (2002: 108), the difference between the modern society and earlier ones is the ability to innovate.