Informed Consent Case Study


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Informed Consent Case Stud

Informed Consent Case Study



  1. What to do as counselor– I would not follow the legal provision that allows counselors to report cases of a minor having sex with an adult. This is due to the fact that this would not bring comprehensive solution to Leah’s situation due to the fact that only John would be punished and may opt to refrain from having sexual relationship with Leah. However, it shall have not stopped Leah from working alternative ways of dating another adult boy. On the other hand, having this matter reported to the legal body shall not deliver any better solutions to her daughter’s poor performance at school. This is because; whenever John drops Leah without proper consent from Leah would just mount to further psychological and emotional depressions that can strongly contribute to further drop in her academic performance. The best thing to be done, as a counselor, would be to allow Leah to make informed decision to live relationships like the one she has with John, through family support.