informative process essay

For this essay, students will write either a directional or informative process essay. Be sure to select a narrow enough topic so that you can thoroughly describe the process in the allotted time and space. Don’t forget to include a thesis that is supported and developed through the process analysis method. Pt1

Pt 2 Essays are required to be two to three pages, double-spaced and word-processed. An essay shorter than two full pages will lose ten points. At the same time, essays should not exceed three pages in length. Remember to narrow your focus and provide a sufficient amount of specific information about a smaller slice rather than general information about a larger slice.

Create a title for your essay that links to the thesis. Topic Suggestions Use first person (I, we) or third person (he, she, it, one, they). Avoid use of you/your and unnecessary and/or unexplained shifts in person. a few examples Handling stress (parenting or job or partner) Being fired Being promoted Administering CPR Researching family genealogy Planning a reunion Preparing to survive an earthquake Showing a dog Preparing for a family vacation Safe/successful surfing Preparing to survive a tornado Causing a broken heart


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