informative essay


Using field research, library/Internet research, or your own personal experience, write an informative magazine or academic article(4-5 pages) in a tone and style suitable for general readers . . . your purpose is to give them a new, surprising view of your chosen topic (see p. 221 for full assignment description; read ch. 9 for further information, sample essays, etc.).

Research: Locate a minimum of three sources to integrate into your paper.

Source citation: use either MLA or APA citation style for referencing the sources used in your paper. Be sure to include both in-text references as well as a Works Cited page (MLA style) or References page (APA style). If using APA style, the paper should also have a title page.

Further questions for consideration: Which magazine do you envision yourself writing this article for? Scientific American, Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, Time, Rolling Stone, Times Higher Education Supplement ??? Have a look at the periodical collection on the 2nd floor of the library and indicate on the title page which magazine you think your article might be most appropriate for publication.

Extra credit opportunity (5 pts): using MS Publisher or similar software, create a desktop publication of your magazine article complete with pictures, ads, illustrations, etc. Submit both a text version and the "published" version of your article.


We are all scared of the unknown. This is shown by the way we obsess over death and the way we marvel at the discoveries of science. Scientists have, time and time again, allayed our fears by discovering new secrets of nature. At other times, research findings leave us scared and unsure of our future. From doctors to nuclear physicists, we hang on their every word. We have repeatedly heard the messages of doom that continuously bombard us daily concerning the future of our planet. A piece of news that makes the future more uncertain than does the 10,000 atomic warheads in our midst: Global warming. But are the facts real or is it the biggest lie of modern times?