Information and communication technologies (ICTs) affact Singapore airlines strategic planning


There are somethings I need to highlight:
1. the amount of references need above 25.
2. references pls follow the HARVARD reference and citation.


Almost every field of business has adopted information and communication technology as a way of making the business easy and convenient. Hospitality and tourism industry has not been left behind but has adopted technology like internet, websites, computer reservation systems (CRSs), global distribution systems (GDSs), extranets, intranets, and destination management systems (DMSs). With the introduction of internet technologies, communication in industries has entered a new era and this has led to tourism industry to enter into the global market (Werthner & Klein 1999: 23). The information and communication technology has been of great significance in the travel industry especially in tourism since many people can book where to tour and book means of travelling online. In the current world more and more people are interested in searching information on different destinations from the World Wide Web like laptop, desktop, cellphone, and/or pad (Dimitrios 2003: 12).