Industry Overview-technology


Summarize and Reword the industry overview attached. The attachment is a copy paste from a source and thus, it has to be summarized and reworded. This section of the essay would be part of a business class paper that is doing financial research on a company called Dell INC. Please summarize the attachment, Please do not copy paste from any sources. Thank You. Once again, it is an industry overview.


The computer hardware industry has been growing at an alarming rate. Since the second half of the 20th century, the computer hardware industry has diversified its product base ranging from mice to the mainframe computers.  As product diversification increase, customers have also been diversified. Today, the industry serves a wide range of customers ranging from those who purchase peripherals for personal computers to corporations that require network installation.  The number of companies has also grown to include those dealing with enterprise of personal computers to those who cater for the larger market.  This sector has witnessed rapid market changes that are orchestrated by acquisitions, price wars, spending swings, and others.