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Understanding charitable giving is a crucial aspect for charitable organizations to come up with measures that will help in attracting and retention of donors (O’Keefe and Partners 2014). World Vision Australia is experiencing dwindling contributions in last few years and understanding the factors that could lead to low contribution can help the management to come up with necessary measures. Majority of studies have been conducted on how a charitable organization can rely on behavior and socio-demographics where such aspects like frequency and monetary values, income, age and gender are delved into (Shelley and Polonsky, 2002). Whereas, these studies offer a good basis for charitable organizations to come up with policies and measures to attract donors, psychographic aspects are more formidable in formulation of policies to attract donors since they look more on personal aspects. In light of this, this study looks at studies that look at various psychographic aspects such as personal traits / characteristics, lifestyle and upbringing and how they affect charitable donations and as possible reasons for dwindling contributions in World Vision Australia.