Inattentional Blindness and Amnesia for the Location of Fire Extinguishers



The aim of Castel, Vendetti, and Holyoak (2012) was to investigate whether people have inattentional blindness and amnesia for the location of fire extinguishers. The research was carried on the background of research evidence showing that people have inattentional blindness and they fail to see objects when they direct their attention to something else. The study thought that such inattentional blindness has an effect on individual response to a fire outbreak because people may fail to remember where the fire extinguishers are located. The study, therefore, hypothesized that if inattentional amnesia and visual search inefficiencies influence locating and remembering objects in a given real setting, then, people are not likely to remember and find the nearest fire extinguisher, which could have a far reaching implications on safety.



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