Improving The Efficiency Of Virtual Work Teams: The Role Effective Communication


Virtual Teams and Virtual Organizations Place in Business Today(proposed topic can be change as long as it has something to do with "Virtual Teams and Virtual Organizations ". I proposed the first paragraph but I received feed back from the instructor below that.

I am going to show how teams are managed in the virtual world. I will show analysis of managing Virtual Business is the new way of communication and steadily on the rise in businesses. The need to communicate all over the worldwide for businesses today is one of a company or organization’s best strategy today. Virtual formation of teams and organizations offers an abundance of flexibility for workers and organizations. Virtual teams and virtual organizations can do share many of the same characteristics and opportunities that face to face can offer. Virtual teams are used to expand businesses and reduce the current work load.

Instructors Response:
I just realized that some of the class members submitted their proposals via the assignments folder instead of in the relevant conference area. I just went through your proposal and need you elaborate more on what you are planning to do in this project. I agree with you that virtual teams/organizations is a popular way to communicate within businesses, but I do not see what you are planning to do about this topic.


Virtual teams are the new phenomena in business. As the concept of teleworking takes root in the world, virtual teams are one of the dynamic forms of teleworking.  Virtual teams present a new innovation in business where a firm can hire teams from different locations in the world and work in coordination to perform different functions. Virtual teams have become important in product development (Lipnack and Stamps, 2000).