Improving Academic Standards in Dayton, Trotwood and Northridge Local Schools


A recent article in the Dayton Daily News reports that West Carrollton High School achieved “the area’s fastest improvement in four-year graduation rates, surpassing 90 percent,” while others schools are still struggling. In Dayton, Trotwood, and Northridge, local schools with a four-year graduation rate below 80%, how can parents, teachers, and students work together to both support academic achievement and increase graduation rates, to provide students with the skills and scores needed to graduate and gain entrance into a four year institution?
(In this response, students summarize and then respond to a text from the Catholic Intellectual Tradition (provided in course readings) that addresses a concept or idea related to reading, writing, and/or rhetoric.)
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Education is the strongest foundation to the life of every child and every parent must ensure that their children get access to it. It is education, through research, innovation, and invention that spurs the economic growth of every economy thus fostering the prosperity of various nations around the globe (Feiler 131). To ensure the high performance for individual students and schools at large, all stakeholders must work together in a harmonious manner.The stakeholders in the education sector include teachers, students, parents, education officers and the community.Every year as the examination results are released, some schools record tremendous improvements, others maintain their positions, while others show deteriorating performance. In the US, for instance, the Dayton Daily News reported the fastest and commendable improvement for West Carrolton High Schoolin four-year graduation rates, while some schools were struggling. This essay discusses how parents, teachers, and students in Dayton, Trotwood, and Northridge local schools can work together to support academic achievement and increase graduation rates, while giving student the skills and scores to enter a four year institution.