Importance of Social Capital in the Social Media Environment


the following is detail requirement:

Learning reflection 2

Please choose one of the below selected key reflections taken from the readings and write a 500 word learning reflection on the topic. This learning reflection will be graded by your tutor and is worth 10% of your overall mark.


  • Is social capital more important than financial capital in the social media environment?  Why?
  • The line between journalist and sources is completely blurred, in what ways is this positive and in what ways is this negative?
  • What can be learnt from citizen journalism and community engagement?


Advancement in technology has brought major changes in the business world, which has made the business environment more complex. Traditionally, the success of a business depended on the time spent by the owner on the job and the amount of capital invested in the firm. Businesses depended on the theory of individualism which states that the success of a business depends on the financial capital, time and skills invested. Technological advancement has brought other forms of capital, which has to be invested in the business today for them to prosper.