Impact of regulations and laws


Different industries have different standards of behavior, legal requirements, and regulations. Identify an organization that is regulated by state or federal laws during the operation of business such as banking, safety, transportation, or other enterprises. Assess how regulations and laws might impact the organization’s ability to attract individuals.
An I/O psychology practitioner working with HRM will need to work within the context of various restrictions and regulations, which may be either organization-specific or industry-specific or both. Regardless of the regulations, an I/O psychology practitioner must be able to recommend effective strategies that will comply with legal restrictions and regulations, as well as with the internal rules and policies of each particular organization.
Compare and contrast two different organizations that are bound by different restrictions. (For example, the communications industry is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, and the financial industry is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.) What different recommendations might you make to fit the needs of the two organizations you selected, and how would these recommendations meet both the organization-specific and industry-specific regulations that apply to those two organizations?
Paper must:
1. Use APA formatting
2. Be a minimum of 2 pages
3. Cite Peer-Reviewed journal articles and support your views and writings

Use the following material in sources in addition t to peer-reviewed journal articles

Cascio and Aguinis text, Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management: Chapter 2, “The Law and Human Resource Management,” pages 13–38.
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• Appendix A, “Scientific and Legal Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, Checklists for Compliance,” pages 437–451.
• Onder and Siegelheim’s 2008 article, “Corporate Liability Exposure and the Potential Risk of Individual Director Liability Resulting From Employment-Related Decisions: An Analysis of Recent Case Law and Recommendations on Corporate Governance,” from Labor Law Journal, volume 59, issue 4, pages 297–317.


There is a host of regulations that prescribes the accepted standards of practice within the industry for the efficient functioning of any industrial sector. These regulations affect the competitiveness of the industry because only organizations that meet the bare minimum of these requirements can operate effectively. The nature of these requirements also impacts the ability of the organizations in the industry to attract their clients. JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the leading organizations operating in the banking sector, must adhere to all the federal banking requirements. On the other hands, AT&T Inc., a multinational telecommunication organization, is regulated by a number of federal regulations as well. The regulations impact the ability of both JPMorgan Chase & Co. and AT&T Inc. to attract individuals.