Impact Of Recession On Consumer Buying Behaviors: The Recession Effect On Students Buying Smart Phones In Ireland


– Some paragraphs too long, its need to be shorter- In the background of the study:There are statistics for the UK market, but there is nothing about the Irish market. it is very important to include the recent data on the Irish market in this paragraph.- 1.4 Research objectives and questions:Objectives: There is no problem in the broad objective, but in sub objectives, the third objective in particular was not accepted by the supervisor, and he asked to set a new objective instead.Regarding to the research questions:Supervisor considers it as a repeating to the objectives of the research. !!- Under 2.3 Consumer behavioure on smart phone, in the Personal factors:The following are mentioned: “Marketers of smartphones should therefore concentrate their marketing campaigns to the young singles and the young couples as they are mainly involved in using the services provided by smartphones.”Is what you said above a personal opinion or based on a prior study? If it is a personal opinion, it must be added in the RECOMENDATIONS in the last chapter, If it was from previous studies, should put the source.- With regard to the search strategy 3.3the supervisor said that I should talking about the objectives and research questions again in first paragraph, noting the importance of clarifying Where did these goals comes from and explain it in defiles.-In the fourth Chapter:This particular chapter needs most of the work.Although you mentioned that this research has been applied qualitative data analysis, but all the results is a quantitative data analysis.!!No problem with that, but must be stated.Must disaggregate data obtained from both the interviews and focus group. Data and results should be more detailed.Regarding results:participants in personal interviews and focus group must be profiled. It must be in detail, for example: Who said what.. How many female said such and how many Male, age group, Quotes from their answers must be add in this analysis.NOTE:Please modify all the consequences of this revision whether the findings and recommendations, etc.please contact me If you have any question.Thanks


The sale of smartphones has increased rapidly across the globe due to technological improvement. People prefer smartphones over computers as they have internet services and are portable. This study aims at exploring the effects of economic recession on the buying behaviors of smartphones among Irish students. Consumer buying behaviors are usually changed by external environmental forces like economic forces hence economic recession of the year 2008 had significant on the manner in which consumers purchased consumer products and services. In most cases, economic recession forces consumers to reduce consumption of luxury and expensive products as they do not have much money and the little they have is only used for basic needs. The desires of students to own smartphones in the modern world is mainly controlled by peer pressure and their economic backgrounds. This study therefore explores different facets of this phenomenon in order to determine how the consumer buying behaviors of particular group of Irish students were affected by the economic recession. In doing this both primary and secondary data were used. The main purpose of the study was to explore whether consumer buying behaviors are affected by economic forces like economic recession and whether the purchase of smartphones in the Irish market was affected. There are certain factors which affect or influence consumer buying behaviors. These factors cannot be ignored in a study as they greatly contribute to the purchasing behaviors of consumers whether there is an economic recession or not.