The policy memorandum consists of approximately six to eight pages of text. The policy memorandum allows the student to apply concepts presented in class to a specific homeland security case scenario.

The topic is immigration but I don’t want you to talk about borders. You can touch it but I don’t want it to be a main topic in the paper. The paper must be about immigration, a bit you can talk about borders, but majority only about immigration.k



To protect the American people from threats of terrorist attacks and other allied threats on our homeland resulting from illegal immigrant whose sole purpose is to perpetrate terror and breach immigration enforcement laws these recommendations have been proposed. One is to discourage illegal aliens who have are the bone of contention and causing anxiety on our security apparatus. Two, is the deporting of the illegal foreigners in the country and securing the border from unlawful entry. Improving global technology to enhance communication and cyber security. Strengthening homeland security leadership and vision that foresee effective policy changes, law, education, and technology to meet the ever dynamic cyber environment. Another decision requested is to promote the resiliency of our social and physical infrastructure which is key to homeland security.