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Subject C Task 1 S2 2015 (1)


This letter of opinion constitutes my professional opinion on the legal issue surrounding refusal or cancellation of visa under Section 501(1)[1] and the strategies that you should take henceforth. I hope the legal opinion will be of great help to your case

Migration act 1958, Section 501 outlines the conditions under which a person can be refused a visa or the visa can be cancelled, mainly on the grounds of the person’s character.[2]Generally, there are two main stages for decision making under this section. At the first stage, the Minister or adelegate should consider whether a person has passed the character test whichis the threshold for refusal or cancellation of the visa and the second stage is exercising the discretion to refuse or cancel the visa. Section 501(1) gives the power to the minister to cancel or refuse to grant visa if the person has not passed the character test as defined in subsection 6 of the same act.

[1]Migration Act 1958(Cth)

[2] Ibid s. 501