Immigration in the United States


You will be asked to choose two short essay questions (out of the four questions available) and respond to them. Each short essay should be about two to three double-spaced pages. I strongly suggest you write your short essays in MS Word and then copy and paste the text into the online exam short essay response text box (this will allow you to monitor the page length and also eliminates the risk of losing your work online). You will not receive extra credit for writing more than two short essays. These short essays will be based on conceptual/analytical questions and your responses should be more than mere summary of lecture material or readings. Instead, you must analyze and use course material in order to support an argument (your answer to the question). However, these short essays will not be as conceptually difficult/complicated as regular essay questions and you don’t have to follow standard essay format (introductory paragraph, thesis statement, three body paragraphs, a conclusion, etc.). Your essays should use both lecture material and readings(they should not simply rely on one or the other), although you do not have to cite materials you use from readings/lecture, unless you use direct quotations from the readings (in which case, just cite the author and page number in parentheses—no bibliography or a list of works cited is necessary at the end of your essays). Of course, if you simply write these essays off the top of your head based on your general knowledge about immigration/ethnic relations or what you remember from the class, they will be too vague. You must go over the lecture materials and readings and make sure you use specific materials from the course to support your general points. I will post the two questions that I chose and slides with reading for both these questions. if you have any question please contact me thanx


From the class study, it is evident that United States can be considered as a country of immigrants. This is because the history of the country has centred on immigration. From the time the New Land was discovered, the United States has continued to received immigrants form different parts of the world.  These immigrants have brought with them different cultures consequentially making the United States the melting pot of world culture.  The historical immigration into the United States also gives an important glimpse of race and racial identity, ethnic prejudice, and others in the United States that has given rise to four main ethnic groups including Whites, Blacks, Asians and Indians.